Demon Dog
Matt Buck @ Sacred Tattoo NYC

Art by derylbraun

Put it there, pal!

"I just had the best idea."
"Oh, great."
"You know how most animals poop out blobs or tubes or little pellets?"
"I’m going to make this wombat poop different."
"Poop… different…?"
"I’m going to make it poop cubes!”
"That way the poops won’t roll away when the wombat uses them to mark its territory.”
"I think you’ve finally lost it."
"It’s called ‘innovation,’ my friend."
Source: Flickr / steven-young / licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


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standies and sitties r so hard

look! five years later he has the hang of it - the standies part, at least :)

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